IxDA- SF at the San Francisco Design Week 2019

"Can't live with them, Can't live without them - the impact of AI and Social Media on people's everyday life" by IxDA-SF

Event Speakers
Jen King (Stanford CIS)
Michelle Carney (Amazon, Berkeley)
Shawn Herron (Possible)
Stephanie Lucas (LinkedIn)
Maggie Stanphill (Google, tbc)
Daniela Busse (San Francisco IxDA Leadership)

This event investigates the impact of new technology paradigms on people’s everyday lives: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Social Media, Algorithms… all are having now proven significant impact on our everyday lives. In this panel discussion with renowned speakers from Google, Stanford, Berkeley/Amazon, LinkedIn, and Possible’s project on HateSpeech in Twitter, implications on Privacy, Public Discourse, and Digital Well-Being overall will be explored. Included is an interactive segment that will lead attendees through a “Red team/Blue team” exercise – a way to weed out potential “bad actors” that has been successfully employed at LinkedIn to combat potential misuse and abuse of the products we build.

"Design Disciplines in Flux" by IxDA-SF in partnership with SF SDN

“Design Disciplines in Flux” will give Designers an opportunity to explore the future of our discipline as a community.

In the past, the Design discipline responded to needs and demands for specific perspectives and skill sets with a fragmentation into various sub-disciplines, such as Interaction Design, the closely related UX and Product Design, and other specializations such as Service Design.

At this interactive panel event, leading practitioners, educators, and thought-leaders from both Interaction Design and Service Design will put forward their positions on the current state of their respective Design discipline(s), and how they see them evolving in the near- and long-term future.

This hand-picked panel of experts will be able to give us both the 10.000 feet view on challenges and opportunities that the Design discipline(s) are tackling today in industry, but also give us real-life case studies and examples of how Design is evolving to meet these new needs and demands of tomorrow.

Contributing from their various backgrounds and specific perspectives, they will shine a light on what it looks like to practice Interaction Design and Service Design, respectively, what the strengths are of each perspective, differing organizational set-ups and impact, and how the two disciplines might complement or converge to meet tomorrow’s needs of the Design discipline overall.

Leaders from both the San Francisco Interaction Design Association and the Service Design Network will provide context with a brief historical overview of the disciplines and their recent evolution.

Following the presentation of the panelists’ position statements, a “walking workshop” will take place, with several stations around the room, staffed by panelists and IxDASF/SDN leaders. Attendees will be invited to discuss the themes that emerged, and the underlying key questions discussed in the panel, at each individual station directly in conversation with each other and the speakers and organizers of this event.

This event is designed to invite flexible attendance, i.e. we invite attendees to stay for the whole event, or just for a part of it, and for attendees to dip in and out of the station discussions as they see fit.

The event will conclude with a report-out and final discussion of the key take-aways from both the panel and the walking workshop explorations.

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