Call for speaker and sponsor for SF Interaction Design meetup

Dear SF Interaction Designers,

I am fellow IXDASF member and creative technologist who is also the organizer of local meetup group SF Interaction Design. We are looking for :

1. Speaker for our future meetup on Interaction Design:  If yo would like to present any burning idea or share your thoughts and lessons with the bay area designers, we would love to have you present.

Ideas for Topics that we plan to cover in future :

- AR Interaction Design 

- VR Interaction Design

- Voice Interaction Design

- Designing for IOT and Ambient Computing

- Prototyping Tools and Techniques

- Mobile Interaction Design

- Career Growth Advise and Tips

- Creativity and Innovation

- Suggest a new idea that is out of the box :)

Please feel to send me Title, Brief Summary and your LinkedIn/Website at and I will be happy to chat/brainstorm etc.

2. Sponsor: We try to keep meetups events free for our designers in the bay area so rely on kind sponsorship. You can cover one or all of these for single or multiple events:

- Pizza and Drinks for 50 to 100 people: depending upon the details of the event

- Venue to host 50 to 100 people: depending upon the details of the event

- Gift, Software Sponsor, Book, Conference Ticket: Donate any of these to us in return for goodwill

We love our sponsors and always acknowledge their gratitude at the event (online and offline).

I would love to talk more about it, please feel free to drop me a line or reply here.

3. Please check out and join the group

Thank you,

Suyash Joshi

Creative Technologist | Evangelist

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