I'm interested in learning what IxDAers think of opportunities to work with advertising. My company's platform allows creatives and designers to build rich, interactive content without writing a line of code. While this frees them from being dependent on developers, the need for IxD does NOT go away. To the contrary, we're finding that creative teams are using it to build online ads and we see an opportunity for IxD to improve these experiences.

From my perspective advertising is changing for the better (granted too slowly) through the incorporation of social targeting and social content. In other words, ads are looking less like ads and more like social experiences. In order for advertising to continue this transition, I think it needs iteration designers. Do you agree?

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I agree that when ads become more complex experiences, guidance from interaction designers becomes more useful. In my experience, it has made sense with ads which:

1) Start a process which then continues at a destination web site
2) Contain a decision point which will direct the user to different destinations based upon their input.
3) Tie-in with social media sites.

The last ad type speaks to the use of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. In these instances, an IA and IxD are almost required because the strategy and interactions are more complex than typical ads. Oftentimes, the strategy is to blur the line between ad asset and social media destination by pulling or pushing content between the two. And, once the user arrives at a social media site, consideration must be given to other potential entry points, differing audiences and a very strict (yet constantly changing) framework to design within.



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