Greetings all,

This is a question coming primarily from the agency/consulting side but I am equally curious about in-house experiences as well.

The basic question is:  Have you experienced a working environment that successfully broke down walls between different UX design roles (graphic designs, interaction designers, creative developers, strategists, user-research, etc.) and created a unified culture of everyone being, for lack of a more encompassing term, a "user-experience designer"?

In my experience, places that are successful in doing this don't ignore the importance of the different skill-sets but rather place a premium on treating all roles equally and serving a higher, unified purpose.

If you have experienced this (or can think of a place that came close) could you please:

- Specify where this was and when

- What actions/process put in place by the organization enabled this culture to manifest?  What personality traits/attitudes of management made the difference?


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