Hiring Visual UX and Marketing Designers at Trulia

I'm looking to hire two full-time design generalists who excel in visual design, with a love for tech and storytelling. This is a chance for someone to have a real impact as we re-think our communications from the inside out here at Trulia. These designers will be part of a team I am building as we focus more intently on our brand expression.


We already have a talented team of Visual/UX Designers and we are looking to add more. Check it out;


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Hi Sharon,

Thanks for posting :)  I am making my way back to the Bay Area from Chicago.  I've finally graduated from grad school and am finishing up a contract with Draftfcb in late July.  I'll be back in SF by early August.  I'm hoping the timing is good.  I would love to work for Trulia!  What level are these positions?  Thank you so much!


Thanks everyone. The positions have been filled!


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