Hi everyone, I have a design and medtech marketing background. Recently I've become interested in preventative strategies and patient empowerment (check out the Health 2.0 movement).

I'm thinking about starting a Healthcare BOF to discuss ideas on how to engage people more in their health - or how to reframe healthcare itself. I'd love to have brainstorms about interactive tools to manage vital signs, improved medical and assistive product designs, or even games to encourage participation in wellness.

I'm just sending this out to gauge interest in the topic, if you want to know more please post here or send me an email at maren[at]marenconnary.com Thanks!

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Hi Maren, do you think this would be good to initiate via HealthCamp?

Is anyone affiliated with Kaiser Permanente's Sidney R. Garfield Healthcare Innovation Center? Perhaps we could initiate a group brainstorm by touring the center?

Hi Roseann,

I'm going to the Health 2.0 conference in Boston next week and will talk to the organizers to see if we can get HealthCamp SF active again - and maybe get a user experience BOF started too!

Also, I have a contact that could get us into Kaiser's Innovation Center. Maybe we can get a group together if there is enough interest. Everyone, feel free to drop a line!!

Hi Maren,

I am in SF and healthcare is what got me into UX 10 years ago. Please feel free to drop me a line.

Hi Adam,

I'm mobilizing HealthCampSFBay (http://barcamp.org/HealthCampSFBay) and it seems like we are getting some interesting traction. I really want to push UX in this space and I'd love to get to know you and your work better. Feel free to email me at maren{at}marenconnary{dot}com
I'd be interested. I worked on a thesis project based on patient doctor interaction.
Looks like the SF Bay healthcare community is starting to really mobilize : I'm now co-leading a group called HealthCampSFBay with a number of events in the works plus a huge one at Kaiser in October. We just launched a site http://barcamp.org/HealthCampSFBay for info on the group as well as formed a Twibe http://www.twibes.com/group/HealthCampSFBay to reach out to the community.

Hashtag is #HCBay

Will keep you posted as events become confirmed!


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