Instructor SFAI (DT-115-1 Internet Tools and Concepts)

My friend Paul Klein ( has asked me to post this opportunity in his program at the SF Art Institute. Please contact him directly if you are interested.


Prerequisite: None
The World Wide Web is a platform for many everyday uses, ranging from noble activism and philanthropy to home shopping networks and basic human activities, but what about artistic intervention? As an infinite information space, there is room for artistic projects of all stripes, from the practical (portfolio sites) to the sublime (geographically-dispersed, real-time collaborative artworks). At the core of this boundary-bending data flow is code, scripts, programs and protocols. This course is a hands-on introduction to what’s going on behind the browser. To produce work, students will work in all facets of HTML, the markup language at the core of the World Wide Web. Students will code pages by hand, validate them, and look at cascading style sheets. As projects gain in complexity, work will be completed in Dreamweaver, a more sophisticated approach to creating pages and managing entire sites. Once having mastered static pages, students will move on to scripting and programming, and use JavaScript to enhance the look of sites, improve their performance, and to investigate the untapped creative possibilities of this web-focused language. The class closes with Flash, using it as a tool for improving interfaces.
Satisfies Design and Technology Communications Design Distribution Requirement or Design and Technology Elective

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