I'm an interaction designer at Bizo here in the city and I was thinking about giving a talk on how to customize and use Twitter Bootstrap for your own interface with one of our developers. Would IxDA be interested in a talk like that? If so, what kinds of things would you want to hear about?

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Hi, there. Thanks for suggesting this. I think this could be interesting to IxDA SF members. Off hand it seems that how this could be leveraged to create prototypes would be one interesting angle. 

How are you using Twitter Bootstrap? What kinds of things are you building? How does it fit into your process / at what stage of the design process are you using it? What is it helping you do? What's better about this approach than other ways of realizing a design? How and to what end do you collaborate with the developer?

Those are just a few questions I have off the top of my head, and some of those could be interesting things to answer in a talk.



Cool, we're using it to design the front-end of our web-based ad campaign management app. There's been a lot of discussion recently on how Interaction Designers should learn to code rather than relying on Photoshop mockups due to the responsive world we now live in. I think our experience shows how designers can use something like Bootstrap to transition into that style of work - building  mockups in HTML/CSS with a framework and learning to customize it for their needs.

It helps me as a designer collaborate more easily with our developers, and ensures that their output looks like my mockups. It also helps us bounce ideas back and forth because we're both working on the same documents.

I've never given a talk like this before, but I'm excited to share how it's going for us! What should my next step be?

We're in the midst of planning out events for 2013, so it's hard to say right now when we might host something like this. We have a variety of events in the works -- plus a couple of us were in Toronto last week for the IxDA's Interaction13 conference and our next event will be a conference redux.

Your talk idea might work with talks from a couple of other people who have similar experience or other approaches to working with developers, etc. That'll take some time to coordinate. How soon you think you'd be able to present is also a factor.

Hang in there, and we'll post an update soon once we have a better idea of how the calendar is shaping up.


Ok cool, sounds good! I can be ready when you're ready!

I would be interested in this!

I think this is a great topic! Since starting to use Twitter Bootstrap, I've found myself preferring to prototype with Bootstrap instead of my traditional Photoshop/Fireworks. It has been very useful for me to get closer to what the developers will implement and I'm not finding myself missing very much from the other tools.  Looking forward to hearing what others have experienced too.

Hi, all.

Just to follow up on this topic...we're planning for an event around this, targeted at mid-July. Jason would be one of our speakers, of course, and we'd probably have a couple of others speak to their experiences using Twitter Bootstrap or other frameworks not just as a design tool, but also to build very robust prototypes that can be used for user testing. More on this soon!



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