Interested in building the UI for the medical genome? (for a Stanford startup)

I'm working for Counsyl, a startup genomics company that has created the first universal genetic carrier test for over 100 diseases. We're looking to hire UX designers that are versatile and interested in building the UI for the medical genome. More below:

About Counsyl

Location: South San Francisco, CA

Over the last few years, we've grown from a dorm room start to become one of the largest clinical genome centers in the world. Our test is now prescribed by physicians for more than 1% of all births in the United States. With so many people looking at our work, we now have an increased need for design.

Because good design signals something to a patient. It signals that when other things in life may be broken, that this object in front of them will still function. 

It signals something to a physician as well. It tells them that this is something different, something that rises above the all-too-common grayness of the US medical system.

We're bringing the genome to the clinic, and in the process we'd like to bring some beauty as well. So if you are a print, web, or industrial designer who wants to build the UI for the medical genome, please do get in touch.

About you

The primary requirement is good taste. You should also have a web-accessible portfolio with several examples of your design expertise. Our designers are generalists, and you should be able to do several of the following:

  • Print Design: Use Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator to create beautiful material for physicians and patients.
  • Web Design: Translate website mock-ups into semantically meaningful HTML/CSS. JavaScript knowledge is a major plus.
  • UI/UX: Design user flows and wire frames for internal and external apps alike.
  • Industrial Design: Use 3D modeling tools to build CAD files and interface with vendors to manufacture physical components.
  • Video Editing: Script, shoot, and edit high-definition digital video with Final Cut Pro or equivalent.

We don't expect expertise in everything on the list, but you should consider yourself versatile enough that you can tackle all these challenges and more. Moreover, while you need not be a programmer by any means, you should be highly proficient with Apple products and ready to learn power tools like git to improve your efficiency.

In general, you should be interested in designing the first widely adopted physical and virtual tools for interacting with the medical genome.

What you'll do:

  • Build the UI for the medical genome
  • Develop and implement style guides for all physician and patient-facing sites
  • Develop walk-throughs and workflows for novel features
  • Build graphical artwork for physical materials, including brochures and patient collection kits
  • Shoot and edit videos for physicians and patients
  • Experience the rise of a start up from the inside

What you'll get:

  • Competitive compensation and start-up equity package
  • Excellent health insurance
  • Catered meals every day plus a fully stocked fridge
  • Gym access to work it off
  • MacBook Pro, 30" monitor, iPad, iPhone, and all the gadgets you need

Apply online

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