Hi everyone,

I'm looking to enter the IxDA field but have no design experience or technical skills. I've considered CCA's BA program but really cannot afford it at the moment and already have a BA degree. 

What training programs are the best for me to gain the most applicable IxDA skills without getting a degree?

I've read up on quite a few intensive courses (Cooper, Adaptive Path, NNG, etc.) and would appreciate any feedback on which would be the best to commit to.

Thanks for the support! 


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I recommend taking at theStanford Human-Computer Interaction class on Coursera. Also, it's free.

Hi Stas, 

I'm actually currently enrolled in that class! Coursera is great, I've found a lot of non-design related classes that I'm intrigued by as well. 

Thanks for the recommendation! Are you taking the HCI class?


I watched through the videos last time they were offered, and I think they're a pretty good introductory course. I am not currently enrolled. You can watch the videos now with the link I provided.

If you're looking for more, this is my standard Design/Product Management quick start guide for friends and interns:

The books you absolutely must read are marked with [!!!]

Thanks for the additional resources Stas, I'll definitely look into those top 4 books [!!!]. It's amazing how quickly the reading material adds up! 


Hi Stas – I'd really like to take a look at that Design/Product Management quick start guide you posted on Evernote. Did the link change?

Hi Celestial,

I work at General Assembly - an education community that offers programs in design, tech and business - and we are hosting an information session and happy hour for our upcoming 8-week User Experience Design Immersive tomorrow evening (Friday, 4/17). If you are around, I encourage you to come. One of our instructors, Christina Wodtke, has been in the field for 15+ years and can definitely share some great resources with you!




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