Need help/volunteers for organizing an IxDASF event in September

Hi IxDASF people,

I'm hoping to organize an evening talk by, among other people, the editor of The Discipline of Organizing (, a professional- and graduate-level book on the bases and practices of information architecture, organization, and design. 

Me, I've never put on an event, so I'd love a mentor on this for the "what you should do" education (how to locate and reserve a space, promote it, ticket it), plus some people to help pick and pick up refreshments, someone to help set up the room, break down the room, and so on. The greatest need is the first, but warm bodies are always welcome. 

We should get started on this as soon as possible... . So please let me know ASAP; feel free to email or tweet at me directly. Thanks!

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Hi, there. Just noticed this (was busy with UX Week last week). Have you made any progress on planning? Still looking for help?


Hi Maria,

Thanks! I tried sending you a message about messaging me through my web site.


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