I'm torn, An Event Apart SF? Cooper Training? other? Can you recommend? I need to register for something by end of this year.


I've done AP's UX intensive already, I'm a jack of all trades.


Thanks in advance.



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Cooper looks good, really want to go to that myself.  I have done AP's UX Intensive too.
It depends what you need; the Cooper training is good obviously if you're doing strictly design/IxD, but a few colleagues and I at my company are trying to pitch An Event Apart because of the 'networking/learning development/more than 'just' IxD/we can also publicize our company' angle.  Also if it's hard to choose, note that Cooper Training repeats - while An Event Apart repeats, it won't be in SF for a while.  Just my 2 cents - although in this economy, might be wise to get any training you can. ;)
thanks for the insightful reply.


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