Paul Klein at the SF Art Institute has asked that I post this position on his behalf. He has a visiting instructor position available.

Please contact him directly if you are interested.

DT 1XX: Introduction to Gaming and Play Beyond the Mainstream

Play can be a productive, political, and radical act. Games are the framework in which players are asked to take action and engage in a constructed world. Yet the specifics and greater meaning of that world start in the hands of the game designer. This course goes beyond the mainstream gaming world and specifically looks at games as artworks, political arguments, and tools for social change. We will look at games such as The Cat and the Coup, Lesbian Spider-Queens from Mars, Garbage Dreams, Hey Baby Game, and many other persuasive games that push the boundaries of their subjects and the form itself. After examining the fundamentals of game design, students will put theory into practice by building game prototypes of different fidelities, creating both analog and digital games. Tools for game-making include Twine, Processing, Gamemaker, and GameSalad.

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