Hey, IxDA SFers! Let's get together for our second IxDA SF volunteer & planning meeting of 2012. We'll brainstorm around events and ongoing activities, and help shape the future of IxDA SF.

You can help out in many areas, including event planning and execution, event hosting, improving our online presence, and more! Please join us in what will be a fun, interactive session aimed at planning out the remainder of 2012 and beyond!

Details and RSVP here: http://ixdasf.ning.com/events/ixda-sf-volunteer-planning-meeting

Hope to see you there!

Maria, Aynne, Sharon, and Nick

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Hi Maria,

I just joined the group so would this be a good meeting to jump in on?  I just wanted to confirm it was open to newcomers (I'm new to IxDA in general).



Hello, Parveen. You're welcome to attend even if you haven't yet been to a regular meeting.



Hello Nick and Event Video Streaming Team:

(replying to video streaming topic from our IxDA SF general planning meeting)

My personal experience with event video streaming's in designing and executing an engagement campaign partnering OneBrick.org and Justin.tv in 2007. As a volunteer staff for One Brick non-profit, I played a role in business development of creating partnerships -- I discovered Justin.tv and pitched a partnership, leading to the video streaming channel at www.justin.tv/onebrick

As you'll notice today in 2012, that link's live streaming channel and videos from 5 years ago are now deleted artifacts on justin.tv. To re-curate videos, I transferred them onto One Brick New Orleans' Facebook Page at


I trust you'll design and execute an interactive solution for IxDASF in 2012 :-) As you're making progress, feel free to contact me if you'd like an extra set of eyes providing you with preview feedback; I hope this helps!


Hey all! Thanks for the great turn out at the Volunteer meeting. We have lost of good stuff in the works and we are looking forward to working with you! 

Hi Maria,

I was out of town for this meeting so couldn't attend.

I'm happy to volunteer. please let me know who to contact/what to do to contribute to this organization.



Hi, Mary. Thanks for your note. We've put together a volunteer info form that you can fill out so we know what you're interested in. Sharon Cardinal has the link (I can't find it off hand), and can get it to you.

Thanks for your interest!



thanks! I'll contact Sharon.


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