Volunteer Visual Designer for ShelterSMART - A non-profit guide to help communities recover from disaster

Join the ShelterSMART team and use your design skills to help people!

ShelterSMART is a new and innovative guide for communities to create DIY shelters in times of disaster. Inspired by 2017's Hurricane Harvey, the two Mexico earthquakes and the California wildfires, ShelterSMART is a partnership between global bank, BBVA, and Field Innovation Team, a non-profit disaster innovator.

Increases in the incidence and scale of natural disasters worldwide since the 1970s has made it increasingly difficult for local communities to handle disaster response on their own. At the same time, federal and non-profit organizations are being extended beyond their capacity. That gap -- between community need and government ability to respond quickly -- is where ShelterSMART found an opportunity to help.

Based on qualitative field research in the US and Mexico, the ShelterSMART team of volunteers created a draft guide which we piloted last August with communities in TN, TX and FL. Based on our learnings, the team has been working on an expanded and much more visual Version 2 of ShelterSMART. 

We are looking for a visual designer or two to join the team pro bono and extend the existing v1 design to the new page types and visualizations. This is a part-time volunteer position. You can work remotely from any location.

Based on feedback we have received from disaster responders and community leaders, there is tremendous need and demand for this tool among communities. The finished guide will help a lot of people in the US and potentially around the world. ShelterSMART will receive significant publicity through our distribution channels, making it a great portfolio piece. Everyone who takes part in the work will be credited in the final product.

If you are interested in finding out more, please send an email to mw@marywharmby.com with ShelterSMART in the subject line. I will get back to you right away. 

Thanks for taking a look!

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