How Design Makes The World with Scott Berkun

How Design Makes The World with Scott Berkun

Meet Scott Berkun, a bestselling author and popular speaker, to learn powerful stories to explain why designers' work matters.

Do you wish more people understood good design and valued good designers? Or that your organization was more design mature?

Author Scott Berkun’s new book, How Design Makes The World promises to teach all the non-designers out there how to appreciate good design and why it matters in their daily lives.

It also gives us designers inspiring new stories, and a resource we can give to coworkers, bosses and friends to help them understand and appreciate what we do. He’ll share inspiring stories from the book and offer advice on how to make design more central to how your coworkers make decisions.

  • 11:30AM PDT Open Networking: meet other attendees 1:1 for several rounds of 5 minute discussions. Matching will be completely random!
  • 12:00PM PDT Main Talk: meet Scott Berkun

Feel free to skip the networking part and join only the main talk!

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