IxDA SF with Indi Young. Listening Deeply
Workshop takeaways. Design Disciplines in Flux
Presentations. Design Disciplines in Flux – A Meeting of the Minds
IxDA SF & SF Design Week 2019. Can’t live with them, Can’t live without them
Panel discussion. Can’t live with them, Can’t live without them
Workshop with Stephanie Lucas (LinkedIn): “Red team/Blue team”
FIRESIDE CHAT: Bill Buxton and Elizabeth Churchill at San Francisco's IxDA-SF Interaction19//redux
Ammon Haggerty (Formation.AI) on "We are the Data Miners" at San Francisco's Interaction'19 // redux
Aubrey Bach (Facebook): "Designing With Extreme Empathy: [..] Support People in a Crisis" at IxDASF.
KEYNOTE: Bill Buxton (MSR) "Artificial Social Intelligence, Mobility, and Ubiety" at IxDA-SF'19.
Hannah Maddy (Netflix) on "Developing a Learning UX for AI" at San Francisco's Interaction'19//redux
Ian Pollock (Cal State East Bay): "IxD in the age of the Anthropocene", at SF's Interaction'19 redux

IxDD 2020 - North America