• Jun 25, 2015 from 1:30am to 11:00am
  • Location: LogMeIn Office
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Join Field Innovation Team for full-day design thinking workshop to help innovate a design-driven response to the drought.

At this hands-on bootcamp, you'll learn design thinking from the experts at Spring Studio and FIT. Working in small teams you'll develop solutions to tough challenges with limited time and resources. And gain new skills that you can apply to everything from business problems to natural disasters.
The day will include presentations by Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, Desiree Matel-Anderson founder of FIT, Nadia Roumani of Stanford d.school and Mary Wharmby of Spring Studio.
Use the code IXDASF for a 25% discount.
About the Challenge

We know what we need to do. There are known technologies to help us store more and use less water. But, four years into the California drought, we are still struggling to find the will to implement these solutions. What stops us from taking actions we know are needed? How do we raise consumer awareness and educate that water is a commodity and not unlimited?

Motivation, behavior and integrating technological and social solutions are our bread and butter as designers. The day's design challenge will focus on innovating our local response to the drought. 


Field Innovation Team (FIT) is a non-profit that empowers humans to create cutting edge disaster solutions at the local, state, national and international level. They bring together leaders from robotics, community justice, design, technology and beyond for impact-oriented collaboration. FIT has deployed during Hurricane Sandy, the Washington State mudslides, and is currently in Nepal doing community recovery work.

Gavin Newsom is the current lieutenant governor of California. Having been the two-term mayor of San Francisco, he's aware of the the momentum of emerging technology having witnessed the growth of Silicon Valley in recent decades. He is a proponent of how the civic-tech can streamline government work and increase transparency. 


Please register through Eventbrite using the code: IXDASF for a 25% discount.