• Aug 12, 2015 from 11:15am to 2:30pm
  • Location: Jawbone
  • Latest Activity: Jul 16, 2020

IxDA SF Event: Making Data Meaningful 

The amount of data generated by devices, sensors, and services is growing at an astounding rate. We're inundated with data, yet data alone has no intrinsic value. We have to interpret the data to produce structure and meaning.

At this special event hosted by Jawbone we’ll hear from experts about how they approach working with volumes of data in their products and services to provide meaningful and actionable information that goes beyond simple reporting and typical visualizations, shifting the focus to helping people understand and act on the data they generate and receive.

The evening's speakers include

  • Darren Geraghty, Product Designer at Facebook
  • Ljuba Miljkovic, Head of Design at Automatic
  • Michal Migurski, CTO at Code for America
  • Star Zagofsky, Editorial Strategist at Jawbone

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